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Unpacking machine

Product name:
Rongxin Technology Unpacking Machine
Product introduction:
It is composed of manual unloading silo, grating, unloading silo, anti-pressure feeding platform, vibrator, filtering system, dust collection system, anti-blowing air bag and other components. (Can be customized according to customer functional requirements) The equipment is highly automated, effectively saving labor resources and reducing labor costs for enterprises.
Automatic unpacking machine is used to empty or separate single or multiple bags. The material bag can be paper material bag, polyethylene material bag, paper material bag with polyethylene coating, plastic woven bag or plastic woven bag with polyethylene coating. The material bag can be sent to the entrance of the bag remover through manual, machine arm or conveyor belt, and there is a dust collection cover at this entrance. The material bag slides down from the conveyor belt and enters the cutter device. The cutter is composed of two sets of 8 round knives with a diameter of 350mm. The material belt is cut into strips. The damaged material bag and the materials inside slide into the screening device through the chute. Through the rotation of the drum screen, the bag leaks to the bottom and is completely emptied. The paddle in the cylinder screen cavity repeatedly lifts the emptied material bag, so that the material bag is completely separated from the material. The inclined blades help the bags move to the outlet of the drum screen, and then they slide into the assembled waste bag collector.
Application industry:
Chemical industry, food industry, new energy industry, new material industry, etc
1. The dust generated in the operation is filtered by the dust removal device carried.
2. Avoid personnel contact with toxic, flammable, strong corrosion, high dust and places where personnel are not easy to contact.