Powder conveying system
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Positive pressure dense phase conveying system

Product name:
Rongxin Technology positive pressure dense phase conveying system
Product introduction:
The positive pressure dense-phase conveying system is a high-pressure dense-phase pneumatic system, which is powered by the closed high-pressure equipment at the front end and forms a pressure difference at the start and end of the system. It relies on the high-pressure pneumatic force and related equipment to push the powder materials to the back-end equipment at a low speed intermittently.
The whole process of positive pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying is divided into three steps:
The first feeding stage:
Open the feeding valve and exhaust valve, and the bin pump will feed at normal pressure until the level gauge announces that the bin full indication signal stops.
The second stage of pressurized transportation:
Close the feed valve and exhaust valve, and then open the high-pressure air valve to pressurize the tank; When the operating pressure is reached, open the delivery air valve and discharge valve, and the material begins to be delivered; The pressure switch, material level meter or time relay shows the end of transmission, and the high-pressure gas valve and discharge valve are closed at this moment.
The third stage of cleaning up:
After the delivery of materials, the compressed air in the pipeline will continue for a period of time to purge the remaining materials in the pipeline; Open the vent valve to reduce the pressure in the tank to normal pressure. After one operation cycle is completed, the other cycle continues.
Application industry:
Chemical industry, food industry, metal material industry, API industry, new energy industry, new material industry, etc.    
1. Energy conservation and environmental protection: the positive pressure dense phase conveying system operates in a closed environment, reducing the pollution to the surrounding air environment.
2. Less loss: the positive pressure dense phase conveying system has relatively low speed, less damage to powder and particle materials, and less loss to conveying pipeline equipment.
3. Non-standard customizable: the conveying system of Rongxin Technology positive compactor can be customized independently according to the industry and actual needs.
4. Efficiency improvement: the automatic closed-loop system improves the operation efficiency and saves costs.