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Vacuum Suction Machine

Vacuum negative pressure conveying is a kind of powder (particle) negative pressure closed conveying equipment. Materials are transported in closed pipelines without generating any dust. It has the characteristics of long conveying distance, large conveying capacity, flexible pipeline layout, strong practicability, etc.
Application Area
It is applicable to the transportation of powder and granular bulk materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, battery and other industries, and can be used for automatic loading of reaction kettle, tablet press, capsule filling machine, wet granulator, packaging machine, pulverizer, vibrating screen and other equipment.
Product features:
(1) Automatic cleaning of filter element
(2) Closed transmission throughout the process, without environmental pollution
(3) Meet GMP requirements, material is 304 or 316L
(4) Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low noise, and removal of material static electricity