Single machine equipment
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Annular Vertical Pipe Chain

The annular pipe chain, including a closed loop tubular shell, an internal closed loop chain and a disc fixed on the chain, is driven by a sprocket. When rotating, the disc moves with animal material to achieve the purpose of material transportation. When moving, it changes direction and is flexibly arranged. It is a fully closed conveying system, which is dust-free during operation.
Product layout
1. Annular vertical and inclined layout
One-way pipeline closed-loop operation, low disc wear, long service life, high economy and high efficiency. Realize vertical and inclined lifting function, full name airtight, low noise, small floor area, stable and reliable operation, and not easy to take off the chain. One-way pipe chain closed loop operation, low disc wear, low noise, long service life and high economy.
Pipe chain conveyor components:
I. Drive unit

II. Pipeline flange