Lithium battery powder conveying - vacuum feeding machine

Time:2023-09-01   |   Source:本站

Lithium battery powder transportation: The production of lithium batteries cannot be separated from powder materials, such as lithium iron phosphate, graphite, ternary materials, etc. These powders belong to heavy metal materials, and must be strictly controlled during the production process to prevent lithium battery materials from leaking during transportation. To achieve dust-free transportation, high efficiency and stability, vacuum feeding machines are often used, and vacuum negative pressure airflow is used to transport powder materials. At present, the lithium battery new energy material market is hot, and it is a time for various enterprises to expand production capacity and improve efficiency. The vacuum feeding machine powder conveying system is helping lithium battery enterprises develop rapidly.
1. Vacuum negative pressure pipeline transportation is used to save manpower, and the transportation can reach 10T/h.
2. The entire process involves closed transportation of materials, dust-free operation, protection of workers' health, and a clean production environment.

3. High precision filter element ensures no dust leakage and high filtration efficiency.
4. The intelligent reverse blowing system automatically cleans the filter element, ensuring stable and smooth operation.
The use of a vacuum feeding system can improve new production processes and material characteristics, contribute to the development of lithium-ion new energy enterprises, improve production efficiency, and slow down material transportation and maintenance. At present, lithium-ion new energy vehicle enterprises are in a rapid development stage. If the vacuum feeding system used cannot fully adapt to the constantly updated production processes and materials, it will greatly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise, and on the contrary, it will bring negative maintenance and increase the equipment failure rate.
Rongxin Technology has been dedicated to the research and innovation of powder conveying - dust-free conveying of lithium battery materials. Our vacuum feeding machine has absorbed new technologies and experiences from both domestic and international sources. Through the research of engineers, we have developed a specialized lithium battery material transportation system and achieved new technological innovations, making it more suitable for the production of lithium battery powders such as lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, graphite powder, and lithium cobalt oxide.
1. Blowback optimization: Unique blow back design, better blow back efficiency, ensuring no blockage during material transportation.
2. Filtering optimization: Modular design, convenient for disassembly and cleaning, one-time protection mechanism to prevent foreign objects from entering the system during operation.
3. Transportation optimization: After experimental comparison and testing, the filtration system and vacuum power source have been optimized, and the optimized transportation distance can reach 30M.
4. Material optimization: Transport lithium battery materials, with targeted coating protection treatment to achieve anti-static and anti bonding.
Rongxin Technology's vacuum feeding machine and lithium battery powder conveying scheme have been successfully applied in powder materials such as lithium iron phosphate, stone black powder, lithium titanate, lithium cobalt oxide, ternary materials, etc. The conveying system runs smoothly and stably, making it more suitable for dust-free conveying of lithium battery materials.