Application of powder conveying in the chemical industry

Time:2023-09-02   |   Source:本站

The significant impact of future technological breakthroughs on economic development will focus on the upgrading of spatial mobility technology, and the key lies in fundamentally improving the efficiency of logistics operations. The powder conveying system is a flow technology that utilizes airflow to receive and transport powder and granular materials in pipelines. The entire powder conveying system has advantages such as no accumulation, low pollution, and improving mechanical production efficiency. It is an important link in safe and clean production. The powder conveying system uses a closed conveying pipeline instead of traditional mechanical conveying of materials, which has more advantages in powder conveying and can achieve leak free conveying without secondary pollution.
At present, the powder conveying system on the market is mainly used to transport various powder materials, and its application scope is mainly used for the transportation of dry and loose powder materials such as food premix powder, aluminum oxide powder, calcium carbonate, PVC powder, organic silicon powder, chemical raw material powder, grain feed, coffee powder, paper scraps, etc. The device is very flexible. Our design is based on customer needs. Transportation pipelines can be arranged according to specific terrain to achieve centralized, dispersed, and high-altitude transportation. The material is completely sealed during transportation. The entire transportation process is not affected by climatic conditions, ensuring that materials are not affected by moisture, which is beneficial for production and environmental protection. The powder conveying system can withstand the test of history and the tempering of society. The application in various industries has proven that it is an ideal powder conveying equipment with stable performance, reliable quality, and no dust pollution.
In chemical production, the raw materials, semi-finished products, and products of chemical products are mostly powdery granular materials, viscous materials, and hot materials, such as PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PE, PP, CMC, ABS, SBS, etc. With the automation of the production process, fully sealed pneumatic conveying is an ideal material conveying equipment.
Firstly, for the pneumatic conveying system of chemical raw materials, it is necessary to understand the physical and chemical characteristics of the conveyed materials, the process equipment and equipment performance before and after pneumatic conveying, as well as the operating conditions set by the factory, in order to determine whether pneumatic conveying can be used, and then determine the basic technical parameters and system layout of the device.
Secondly, the use of pneumatic conveying in the chemical industry has many advantages. The continuity of production simplifies the management of auxiliary equipment, flexible pipeline layout facilitates the arbitrary configuration of various equipment, and prevents the mixing and scattering of impurities; It can meet various process requirements such as mixing, grading, cooling, and dust removal;
The powder conveying system also has a very unique advantage of being able to achieve continuous conveying. For a long time, it has been widely used in coal-fired power plants and other industrial pneumatic conveying. The extensive practical application of powder conveying in China has shown that as long as the selection and design are reasonable and sufficient conveying capacity is ensured, the powder conveying system as an ash conveying equipment can meet the emission requirements. We have reason to believe that with the successful development and application of more new pneumatic conveying technologies, powder conveying systems will go further in improving dust removal efficiency and reducing energy consumption, becoming the main force of pneumatic conveying in China, and achieving more results in energy conservation and emission reduction.