What are the advantages of using warehouse pumps for pneumatic conveying in the lithium battery indu

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The prohibition of zinc, copper, and nickel elements in the new energy lithium battery industry is also due to the numerous production processes of positive electrode materials, which pose a risk of introducing metal foreign objects in every step of the manufacturing process. This puts higher requirements on the equipment automation level and on-site quality management level of material suppliers.
For the warehouse pump products, there is a more detailed introduction from Korishi. We have different designs for different industries and process requirements. For example, in the construction materials industry or the power industry, the delivery of fly ash products usually chooses to use Q235 material. However, in transportation design, we will also encounter some materials with special physical or chemical properties, such as the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries that have high requirements for equipment materials, requiring stainless steel materials, and even the inner and outer walls of the warehouse pumps to be polished. There are also many materials in some chemical and new lithium battery industries that, in addition to basic requirements for equipment materials, have characteristics such as corrosiveness and cannot come into contact with metals. Therefore, we need to carry out special process treatment on the contact surface (inner wall of the tank) with the materials on the basis of meeting the equipment material requirements, such as coating with Teflon or tungsten carbide.
The silo pump pneumatic conveying system is composed of the silo pump, gas source, pipeline, and ash silo, and adopts a centralized program control method to achieve coordinated and orderly operation of system equipment. By using compressed air as the power source for pneumatic conveying, the material is transported to the receiving point through a closed pipeline installed on the material sealing pump, achieving pollution-free transmission.
Can provide users with a wide range of bulk material processing equipment and systems. Below, the manufacturer of the pneumatic conveying system will introduce the silo pump pneumatic conveying system. This system adopts a positive pressure dense phase conveying system, which has advantages such as energy conservation, efficiency, economy, and safety.
1、 Simple system configuration with low equipment investment
The internal rotating components of the silo pump pneumatic conveying system are few, and the Hyde system configuration adopts a unit system, which can achieve serial or parallel installation of multiple silo pumps under the raw material hopper. Each unit's silo pump can share a set of inlet valve group and a discharge valve. This device can greatly reduce the total number of pneumatic valves and pipelines, and can reduce the number of fault points; And the silo pump can be large or small, with a compact appearance that can reduce the installation height of the silo and save costs for the factory.
2、 High material transportation concentration and low energy consumption
The pneumatic conveying system adopts dense sand dune flow, and the vast majority of materials are deposited in the lower part of the pipeline during the conveying process. It relies on the static pressure and some kinetic energy provided by compressed air to move forward, thus achieving less consumption of compressed air to transport more materials. The transportation of solid gas is relatively high, and the corresponding required transportation gas consumption is relatively low, which can achieve a reduction in energy consumption of the entire system.
3、 The system has strong adjustability, long service life, and high safety factor
Adjustable equipment is installed in various parts of the system, which can adjust the required parameters according to different working conditions, with strong adaptability. We also have emergency handling equipment such as blockage removal facilities, which is safe and reliable.
The entire system adopts high-quality valves, which can ensure an overall service life of up to 20 years. The system has fewer vulnerable parts, less pipeline wear, and the valves are safe and reliable. With very little cost, the system can operate efficiently and safely.
4、 The system has strong customizability and a wide range of applications
The pneumatic conveying system can be customized according to different original conditions, such as the length of conveying distance, material density and temperature, to select different equipment configurations for customers.