How does the automatic batching system operate and what are its characteristics?

Time:2023-03-14   |   Source:本站

An automatic batching system for industrial production - automatic batching system, which is a fully automatic batching equipment, is used for feeding in the mixer or water tank. The operator decides how many materials will depend on the quantity set point can be set in the HMI panel, just press the start button on the panel. After checking all interlocks, the automatic material will start feeding in the mixer. If there is any fault in the system, it will not start to work, and an alarm will be generated on the display of the control panel.
1. Full-automatic/semi-automatic batching system
2. Simple operation
3. Custom logic and operations
4. Basic design of microcontroller
5. One-click solution
1. Multi-point filling or weight loss base system
2. MIMIC/HMI, LCD base display
3. Computer interface
4. SCADA type control room interface
5. Wireless operation
6. Control panel