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QFX system vacuum feeder

Product name:
Rongxin Technology QFX system vacuum feeding machine
Product introduction:
The vacuum feeding machine is a dust-free airtight pipeline conveying equipment for conveying particles and powder materials with the help of vacuum suction. The vacuum feeder can be used for conveying medium and powder materials in fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
Application industry:
Chemical industry, food industry, new energy industry, new material industry, etc
1. Meet the GMP requirements, and the material is 304 or 316L.
2. Closed transmission, no environmental pollution.
3. Online cleaning and drying without disassembly.
4. Special plane membrane filtration system.
Technical Parameter

A. This parameter is measured when the conveying distance is not more than 5 meters and the material is flour. If the conveying distance and material type change, you can call for detailed consultation.
B. Does not include the power of matching vacuum pump and its electrical appliances.