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Pneumatic Tube Conveyor

Pneumatic conveying device is generally used to transport powder materials, so pneumatic conveying is often called Powder Pneumatic Conveying. Pneumatic conveying uses compressed air or other gases to transfer bulk materials such as powder and particles from one process area to another.
The pneumatic system works by using the combination of pressure difference and air flow from the blower (generally Roots blower) or other air flow to move the (powder, particle) materials through the closed conveying pipeline. By controlling the positive or negative pressure and air flow in the conveying line, the system can move the material very successfully with very little damage or loss.
Pneumatic conveying process is an ideal choice for fine dry powder. When the materials you need to be cooled, dried and weighed during transportation, the pneumatic conveying system can also add functional plug-ins to complete this part of work.

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