Analysis of the Usage and Characteristics of Rubber Automatic Batching System

Time:2023-09-01   |   Source:本站

During the rubber batching process, the rubber automatic batching system has a harsh environment in some factories, and the batching is greatly affected by external factors, resulting in low accuracy. Some materials have a significant impact on the body. Taking into account various factors, automatic batching is increasingly indispensable. It is mainly used in various industrial production processes, where certain or multiple materials are required for quantitative feeding, To ensure a stable production process or accurate material comparison, it is of great significance for the smooth completion of the production process and precise control of yield and quality.
The automatic ingredient system is designed by manufacturers to meet the needs of users in various industries. It mainly has the following characteristics:
1. Blocked ingredients, professional dust recovery system, easy to clean without residual materials during refueling.
2. Multi stage feeding speed, sealed and windproof design, fast conveying, and accurate measurement.
3. Multiple measurement combinations are matched to meet different needs.
4. The weighing feeder is precise in weighing and reliable in operation, and can achieve precise quantitative feeding.
5. The digital control of barrel stock provides real-time storage information.
6. It can assist users in reducing material waste, further improving quality, output, and automation of the production process.
At present, many rubber companies set up "automatic batching systems" to improve labor productivity in the rubber industry, ensure stable production and quality, solve work environment pollution, and relieve the heavy physical labor of batching workers. It is an automated batching equipment for industrial electromechanical integration.