The Application of Fully Automatic Small Material Batching and Weighing System in the Rubber and Pla

Time:2023-09-01   |   Source:本站

The ingredient process is a very important link and source process in the production of rubber, plastic, ink, chemical, food and other industries. The quality control of ingredients directly affects whether the subsequent process can proceed smoothly. If the accuracy of ingredients does not meet the process requirements, it can cause waste of raw materials and energy, and seriously affect product quality and production capacity. Some important production ingredient errors can even cause accidents to the entire production. Therefore, the level of ingredient accuracy and the speed of ingredient production restrict the quality and output of the entire product, and the ingredient accuracy of small materials (various auxiliary raw materials) is often measured in grams, with small dosage and significant impact. It is also the key to ingredient selection.
In the large-scale industrial batch production process of the rubber and plastic industry, due to various human factors, the accuracy of manual ingredients is difficult to ensure the consistency of each batch of products. Moreover, in the general rubber and plastic industry, there is a large amount of dust on the ingredient site, a harsh working environment, high labor intensity, and environmental pollution. Most of the raw materials are often harmful to human health, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of operators; There are many types of ingredients with different standard quantities, and strict requirements are placed on the feeding speed and weighing accuracy of each material, as well as high production efficiency; Due to different material suppliers and powder samples, the adhesion and specific gravity of the materials vary, and the materials are prone to adhesion and agglomeration with changes in temperature and humidity, resulting in poor fluidity and a certain impact on the accuracy of symmetry.
In order to improve and solve the problems encountered in the production process of small ingredients in industries such as rubber and plastic, such as poor consistency, low efficiency, high dust, and harsh environment. We have designed and developed a fully automatic small ingredient weighing system specifically for small materials (various auxiliary raw materials), which can effectively solve these problems.
The fully automatic small material batching and weighing system adopts a modular design, including a silo module, a weighing and conveying module, an empty drum circulation and conveying module, a drum separation module, a dust removal module, and an auxiliary platform. Capable of freely combining according to the type of raw materials, meeting the requirements of fully automatic batching and weighing for 4 to 24 types of small materials. It has the following characteristics:
Accurate, with fixed weighing platform and imported weighing sensors, effectively ensuring the accuracy of ingredients; According to the characteristics of the raw materials, the silo module can be equipped with dual screw feeders or electromagnetic vibration feeders for batching, with dual speed batching.
Efficient, circular layout, two warehouses and one scale, multiple scales can be used for batching at the same time, which can increase the variety of batching and shorten the batching cycle, thereby achieving the goal of improving production efficiency.
Labor-saving, after the silo is filled and the formula is set, the operator only needs to operate the computer interface and bagging to complete the entire ingredient process, reducing labor intensity and labor costs.
Error prevention, automatic batching, report statistics, avoiding manual batching errors and report falsification, achieving ingredient error prevention and formula traceability. The feeding port is equipped with a cylinder lock. Only when the barcode scanned by the barcode gun matches the preset barcode, can the corresponding feeding port be opened to complete the feeding action.
Environmental protection and improvement, with dust removal devices installed throughout the entire process from feeding to batching, significantly improving the environment at the batching production site.
The use of a fully automatic small ingredient weighing system in the rubber and plastic industry can greatly improve the accuracy and production efficiency of the ingredient process, while also improving the environment of the production site. The fully automatic small material batching and weighing system we are currently developing can improve the consistency and stability of product quality, eliminate the influence of human factors, reduce environmental pollution, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor intensity, so that workers do not touch materials as much as possible. It is an urgent task to improve labor intensity and the environment. Mechatronics integration, software and hardware integration, and control, achieving automation and intelligence in the production process.