Application Scope and Technical Requirements of Stainless Steel Reaction Kettles

Time:2023-09-01   |   Source:本站

I believe everyone is familiar with the stainless steel reactor, and I have also introduced its usage methods. Next, I would like to share with you about its application scope and technical requirements. Let's take a look together with the editor:
1. Application scope of stainless steel reaction kettle:
Like enamel reaction kettles, it is also widely used in reactions, evaporation, composition, polymerization, saponification, sulfonation, chlorination, nitrification, etc. in chemical, food, coatings, hot melt adhesives, silicone, paints, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemical production.
2. Technical requirements for stainless steel reaction kettle:
It is also known as a stainless steel reaction tank, which is composed of the tank body, tank cover, agitator (different from enamel agitator), heating and cooling jacket, support and transmission installation, shaft seal installation, lubrication tank, etc. It is equipped with an electric heating rod, temperature measurement, pressure gauge, etc. The specifications and dimensions of the tank are similar to those of the glass lined reaction tank.
The stirring structure of stainless steel reaction kettle generally includes anchor type, slurry type, turbine type, push type, or frame type. The outer wall of the jacket is welded with a support, which can be hung or supported. The pot body has a discharge port. Understanding it will help everyone operate it and effectively improve its work efficiency.