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Automatic batching system for refractory materials

Time:2023-09-04   |   Source:本站

The automatic batching system for refractory materials can achieve automation and intelligent production based on the needs of different customers, including raw material loading, batching, mixing, automatic packaging and stacking, greatly improving the intelligent level of production, reducing labor intensity of workers, improving production efficiency and product quality, reducing dust and other pollutant emissions, environmental protection and energy conservation.
Application scope:
1. Newly launched refractory material production line;
2. Old production line processing and transformation.
Feeding trolley weighing system:
Pneumatic sealing door can automatically seal the inlet and outlet of the automatic batching system, and achieve dust-free treatment during the batching process; Accurate positioning of the walking mechanism; Vehicle control is easy to operate.
Electronic control system:
① The human-machine interface of the automatic batching system is clear and easy to understand. The electronic control system can automatically calculate and display batching data in real-time on the screen. The operation status of automatic weighing, single material weighing weight, cumulative material weight, and other data are easy to adjust in a timely manner;
② The automatic ingredient system can manage formulas according to user needs, such as inputting, storing, adjusting, deleting, and modifying formulas. The software has a confidentiality function, which means that the data in the computer can be set with personnel permissions according to customer needs;
③ Provide a historical data query system that can query and record ingredient parameters for any time period with permission, and print ingredient parameters or statistical reports for any time period.