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Take you to understand the production line of unshaped refractory materials

Time:2023-09-04   |   Source:本站

With the continuous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, the market demand for new refractory materials is increasing, making refractory enterprises pay more attention to improving product quality, resource and energy conservation, environmentally friendly production processes, and harmless use processes. The production of amorphous refractory materials will also become a new development direction in the future, and the emergence of automatic ingredient production lines will improve the quality and efficiency of amorphous refractory materials; Below, we will introduce you to the automatic ingredient production line.
Product introduction: Design and manufacture a multi warehouse batching and multi mixer automated batching production line according to customer needs, including precise weighing of materials with different characteristics such as aggregates and powders, with a weighing accuracy of ≤ 0.5%, meeting the production capacity of 1000-5000T/year. Including production lines for pouring materials, plastic materials, ramming materials, spraying materials, refractory mud, etc.
Product features:
1. For special powder processing, a unique method is formed.
2. High measurement accuracy
3. Dust proof and dust-free treatment.
4. Supporting various forms of mixing equipment.
5. Supporting robot intelligent equipment, organized and stored.
6. Equipped with dust removal equipment, with environmentally friendly and dust-free characteristics
The automatic ingredient production line provides accurate measurement data and control means for the production control and management of unshaped refractory materials; Improvedthe accuracy of amorphous refractory materials, reduced dust pollution during the process, and effectively improved the economic benefits of refractory enterprises.