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The Application of Automated Batching Production Line in the Refractory Industry

Time:2023-09-04   |   Source:本站

Refractory materials are essential basic materials for the development of high-temperature industries such as steel, building materials, electricity, and petrochemicals, and have a significant impact on the variety, quality, and safety production of the high-temperature industry. In the traditional production process of refractory materials, after the raw materials are crushed to the specified particle size, they need to undergo manual weighing, ingredient weighing, stirring and mixing, and other processes. During the operation process, it is easy to encounter phenomena such as deviation in ingredient ratio and uneven mixing, which seriously affect product quality. At the same time, the excessive dust in the working environment poses a threat to the health of workers. In addition, traditional equipment also has drawbacks such as high noise, low work efficiency, and many safety hazards. At the same time, due to the low level of processing technology, the comprehensive utilization level of industry resources is low, and the phenomenon of waste is serious.
After using an automated refractory ingredient production line for production, the enterprise not only improves the working environment of workers, greatly reduces their labor intensity, but also improves product quality and work efficiency, reducing production costs and management intensity. Firstly, ensuring the accuracy of ingredients ensures the source of product quality; Secondly, the uniformity of stirring has been improved and the degree of homogenization has been ensured; Once again, the environment has greatly improved compared to before, with reduced labor usage and obvious improvements in such benefits. Taking the production of 80 tons of refractory materials as an example, using traditional processes requires 10 young and robust workers to work for 10 hours to achieve the production target. Now, with the introduction of a fully automatic batching production line system, it only takes 4 ordinary workers 8 hours to complete the production target.